Damage Repair

Most 2pc wheels that are damaged can be repaired back to their original state. As long as your center is still straight we can replace the outer and get your wheel back to the way it was brand new. 95% of the time where you have a damaged wheel the center is still in perfect shape. Most people bend their wheels and think they need to buy a new one. This is not so. Minor damage can be fixed without replacing the outer rim. Major damage in most cases requires the outer rim to be replaced. See below for some before and after pictures.

Billet Specialties Wheel Lip Repair

"This customer sent us his Billet Specialties wheels for repair. The inside lip was damaged because it rubbed on the suspension. We repaired the lips and re-polished them to look like new. Minor damage like this can be fixed inexpensively without a full re-hoop."

Bent Wheel Repair - Rehoop and Replish

The above Boyd Coddington Rodder wheel was sent in with a big bend and damage to the lip. We rehooped the wheel and repolished it. Now it looks like new.