Polishing and Refinishing

Make those old neglected aluminum wheels look brand new. If you have a set of 2pc billet aluminum rims or some 1pc cast aluminum that just need some help polishing we can do that. When we’re done you would swear they were brand new. We have over 30 years experience with polishing billet aluminum and custom wheels. Our attention to detail and our proprietary techniques make our polishing service unmatched in the industry. Look below for some before and after pics.

American Racing Wheel Refinishing

"This customer sent us his vintage American Racing wheels. We fully refurbished them to look better than new. From start to finish we cleaned the wheels, polished the lips and painted the centers with a grey powder coat. New center caps complete the transformation"

"This Boyd Coddington billet wheel had seen better days. When you don’t clean or polish your wheels, the surface becomes dull from oxidation. Regular upkeep will keep them in shape, but if you let them go too long getting back the original shine by hand becomes difficult. We can make your neglected, dull and dirty billet wheels look as good as new!"

Boyd Coddington Billet Wheel Repolishing